Am I supposed to have continuity?

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I have an 04 frontier and found an answer to a problem I’m having with the instrument cluster. I was just needing a little more information because I can’t tell I my solder connections are bad or not. Are the three solder connections you repaired supposed to have continuity between them?


It has been a long time since I wrote that article. You could have some sort of reading but I would imagine there is solid state device on the other side of the board and there should be some kind of resistance between the three terminals.  I would recommend if you have any doubt to just reflow the joints or to have someone do it for you, if you do not have the skills or tools.

And you were referring to to the three solders I circled in the attached picture, correct? And do you remember how to take the circuit board apart to see the other side of it? Ive had this problem with my truck for years and I’ve searched the internet many times trying to find the answer and for some reason I’m just now finding the solution you posted.


Yes, those are the three solder joints that I reflowed in the article. I don’t remember anything about the other side of the board.

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