A/c not cold

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#14546 Closed 2017 Chev Malibu public

I have a 2017 malibu 1.5 turbo. The a/c is not cold. Took to 2 small shops both said it needs a compressor. The car only has 20k miles so I cannot believe the comp is bad that quick. There are so many sensors on these now could it be something not allowing the compressor to function.? This car has no warranty because it has a rebuilt title. The car hit a culvert so damage was low and underneath. The condenser and radiator didn’t even get damaged so I don’t think it is a wreck related issue but don’t know what it could be. I have heard that the compressors on many new models are bad nowadays. Any ideas?


Unfortunately I would need a lot more information  about how the compressor may have failed and what signals are present at the compressor when it is commanded on.

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