2016 Buick envision 4 cylinder premium turbo

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The suv has front and rear heat control the front works fine. Now for the rear it blows cold air when the heat is on but the ac works fine. The fan speed works fine on all settings and the mode switch from face to feet. Is there a way that I can try to reset the actuator because the dealership told me it’s under the dashboard and it cost 600 bucks just to remove the dash


The following is from GM service information. The fuse you would need to remove and replace would be the F21DA fuse in the interior fuse box. Also after the recalibration has completed turn the ignition off for at least 10 seconds but no more than 30 seconds. Restart the engine and check the HVAC operations.

I haven’t had to replace one yet but according to GM service information  the dash does not have to be removed to replace the actuator if it has failed. According to the write up it seems to me that it would be about an hour to complete the repair.

Alternate Method (without Scan Tool)

Note:  Do not operate any HVAC controls while the HVAC control module is calibrating as this may interrupt the process. If interrupted, improper HVAC performance will result.


There is a side panel on the front portion of the center console next to the gas pedal assembly. You would need to slide the driver’ seat all the way back and then remove the panel to access the actuator.

Thanks you so much for the help

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