2015 Chevy Tahoe Heat Issue

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Hi Sparky,

My wife’s 2015 Chevy Tahoe has been having issues with heat. Sometimes when I turn it on, everything on the driver’s side (deflated, front vents, lower vents) only blows cold air when the heat is on. All other vents in the car still blow hot air though. So far, if we turn the vehicle off and start it back on the heat usually starts working again, but I’m worried this will eventually stop working. Any help would be appreciated. The dealerships wants to charge me over $1300 to replace some sensor I guess.

Sorry, it was supposed to say defroster, not deflated.


Okay more than likely the driver’s side temperature door actuator is failing and will need to be replaced. to do it by the book it requires removing the entire dash assembly which translates into about 11 hours of work.. I have not done one but according to others it can be done in about an hour with the proper tools and willingness to inflict some bodily harm to one’s self.  Basically have to remove the glove boxes, a couple of modules, the radio and hvac controls. Then you have to work in tight quarters with stubby ratchets, sockets and unfortunately sharp edges in the work area.

Thank you for getting back to me. This sounds beyond my capabilities. Hypothetically tho, if I wanted to do it myself do you know where I could go or what book I could buy to learn how to do it myself?


There are several ways to get the information but they are only going to show you how to do the factory method. There is a short YouTube video on a 2015 Silverado that shows what the poster thinks will work and it has some good comments saying it worked.

I really do appreciate your time and patience. I do think think this is something I can do myself now with the right instruction. I’ve googled and searched YouTube but I can’t find anything for my year vehicle and the driver’s side actuator. Do you happen to have a link? If not, I understand. I appreciate all of your help regardless.


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