2015 Camry A/C problem stumped the Toyota dealer mechanics

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#16012 Closed 2015 Toyota Camry public

upon morning start up, A/C blows hot.
After 10-15 minutes, A/C starts up and works cold all day.
Same thing every morning at first start.
Changed the refrigerant; new filter.
What’s going on?


There are a lot of variables with that complaint. First someone needs to check the refrigerant pressures at cold start up and see what is going on there. The simplest thing to do would be to check the temperatures of the refrigerant lines to see if the low side is cold and the high side is hot while the condition is present. If they are then you would need to proceed to the HVAC vent control system to see which door may not be working correctly and why. If the line temperatures and pressures are not correct then you would need to make sure the compressor clutch is engaged if it is not a constant run compressor. From there someone will need to look at A/C data in the PCM to see what is being commanded on or off  and why.

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