2011 Tahoe digital controls ac off heater on, heat starts blowing cold

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I have a 2011 tahoe lt. I am currently deployed and will be home end of March to look at vehicle. My wife said she was driving our vehicle this morning ac off and heat on. She said it was blowing hot air and then right before she got to work it started blowing cold air.

The Tahoe has the digital controls etc. Also has roughly 150k miles.


Chances are that there is an actuator failing. It might work fine the next time she drives it. If it does the chances are higher. One thing that should be looked at just for safeties sake is the engine coolant level.

I was thinking it may be an actuator. Aren’t their multiple? What’s the best way to narrow down which one of their are.
Coolant level was fine a
Few weeks when I was home. I can get her to look or at least send me a picture


It would be the  blend air/temperature door actuator for whichever side of the dash is being affected.

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