2011 escalade I replaced the blend door actuator and tried to recalibrate but no go. I don’t hear the actuator recalibrate.

ID Status Date Year Make Model Transmission Type A/C Controls Public/Private
#15736 In Progress 2011 CADILLAC ESCALADE public

I replaced the actuator but still only get hot air out of drivers side and cold air in passenger nothing changes in temp no matter what temp I choose


Could you describe the location of the replaced actuator?

What was the part number of the replacement actuator?

Which fuse did you remove to start the recalibration procedure?

Are there any other abnormalities with the HVAC system?

Do you have manual or auto controls? 


I got it to work perfect the calibration I did was put ac on auto disconnect the whole battery positive and negative lines then reconnect them. Then switch to accessories for 4 min then off for 4 min. Then started and everything is working perfectly.


Sounds good.

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