2010 Chevrolet Silverado HVAC isn’t responding?

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2010 Silverado with manual, single zone temperature hvac with air conditioning isn’t responding to typical repair techniques. The symptoms are the actuator doors are not responding and the ambient temperature sensor says “ice possible drive with care” I’ve replaced the ambient temperature sensor, two out of three actuators, and control module (dash controls) but it will not respond to the typical reset actuators method (pulling hvac/bat fuse), or reset ambient temperature sensor method (hold ac and recirculator button simultaneously or drive 5 miles). My ac system does not have the temperature with navigation on the DIC. My DIC only displays odometer reading. After a visit to the dealer parts department, I was told that it is a factory system. All the new and old components tested correctly. Ambient temperature sensors responded to a heat gun and actuators responded to the 9-volt battery method. Lost in troubleshooting confusion at this point. Any advice would be great.


Okay, I am pretty sure this is at least a partially an aftermarket system. The clues for me are the wire colors do not match the OEM wiring diagrams, the type of wiring insulation and color tones are not GM and the recirculation connector has an extra wire that is not part of a factory  manual system but would be part of one with auto controls.

All of that aside, your pink wire appears to be in the position of the factory brown wire and should have a nominal 12 volts on it with the ignition on. Please see the attached factory diagram.

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After meeting a very helpful older GM parts service advisor through a friend. He told me that in some cases they carried the pink color wire from the control module all the way to the connector instead of changing it to brown But to your point, your advice concerning the lack of 12 volts set me on my quest to test the continuity of the temp sensor. Once I fixed the wires I had a full 12 volts and no bleed volts to the adjacent wires in the connector. The other very helpful piece of advice from the gentleman from GM is without a tech 2, the only way to reset the ambient temperature sensor is drive for a minimum of 5 miles. Thanks for all the help!

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