2006 gmc 2500 hvac auto control

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#14904 Closed 2006 Gmc 2500 sierra public

I tried recalibrating a couple times, only blows a/c no heat no matter what temp, all vents blow the same, ive checked hoses, both are warm, is this the hvac control?


With the engine fully warmed up the heater hoses should be pretty hot, 160F. If they are then chances are you have one or two faulty actuators. The next step would be to check for HVAC codes and examine data stream if you have an appropriate scan  tool. If you don’t I would recommend removing the driver’s temperature door actuator and then turn the door shaft by hand and see if heat is present through the driver’s side vents. The driver’s temp door actuator is located under the passenger side of the dash.

Ok , this door would cause no heat throughout the system? The actuator should be accessible from under the dash ?


No, that is why I explained about the heater hose temperatures.  The most common cause of no heat in your vehicle is low engine coolant level.  Moving on to manually moving the door shaft is something that can be done without having a scan tool to interface with the system.



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