2006 Chevy Trailblazer; HVAC auto system; blower cuts out

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#14930 Closed 2006 Chevrolet Trailblazer EXT 2WD public

HVAC auto system will cut out within 10 minutes of engine start, will cut in and out and eventually stop working, and display blanks in and out and syncs with blower; when engine is restarted after about 30 minutes, HVAC system will run and the cycle is repeated, occurs at any speed, whether in auto mode or manual mode


My first suspicion would be a damaged connector at the blower speed controller under the passenger side of the dash but that normally does not affect the HVAC display. Since that is happening I would suspect a poor connection on a major power or ground supply. Possibly an ignition switch, the abs and brake lights would also illuminate when the problem is present.

I do not have the ABS or brake light indication. However, I checked at the blower motor (red & black), and at the resistor under the dash (red) and I have power even when the blower & display go out!? It always happens after about 10-12 minutes. Could it be a bad resister in the climate control module?


Do you have a ground on the black wire at the three wire connector when the problem is present?

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