2004 Silverado HVAC Actuators

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Is there a way to find out what P/N actuators are supposed to be in which location? I purchased a used truck where the PO had started troubleshooting an issue with HVAC controls and/or actuators and the truck came with a couple extra actuators. I don’t know which ones were pulled and replaced with what.

I have actuators with the following part numbers: 3BIH-19E616-JA 00031691A (WOORY), 3BIH-19E616-FA 000031741A (WOORY), 52402588 C3432164Ap (CEI), 16163982 M3331483B (CEI).

Symptom is no control of blend doors, confirmed control head is working with scan tool reading the commanded steps which changes with control head.


The actuators with part numbers 52402588 and 16163982 are interchangeable and used for the blend door actuators. They can also be used for the fresh air inlet door if your truck has auto a/c controls. The other two are replacement part numbers and “woory” brand is used by multiple parts suppliers including ACDelco. I have not found an exact cross reference for the other two numbers but 3BIH-19E616-JA 00031691A is most likely a replacement for the 52402588 and 16163982. The 3BlH-19E616-FA 000031741A should be for the mode position.

Can you tell me if your truck has auto or manual a/c controls?

Does it have a factory floor mounted center console with rear vents?

It has the manual Dual Climate control with the floor mounted center console and rear vents.


I cannot find exact cross references for those woory numbers but I would stick with my original identification. I would recommend visually inspecting the installed actuators to see which ones have actually been replaced.

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