2002 Trailblazer AC/Heat issues

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#14910 Closed 2002 Chevy Trailblazer public

Heat comes out on driver side cold on passenger side. No air coming from rear vents. What controls that vent? Air current blows harder on passenger side as well. Fuses are good also. How do I fix problems? Suggested answer is that it is a blend door issue. Actuator has been removed on passenger side.


Since the actuator is removed, turn the door shaft by hand and see if heat will start coming out of the passenger side vents. The engine needs to be warmed up also.

The rear blower is an independent system from the front. The most common cause would be a faulty rear blower resistor. Of course all of the basics need to be checked first.

Ok also can u tell me why when I use the dial to turn up the heat or the air positions 1 and 5 nothing happens. Air only comes out in positions 2-4.


More than likely the blower resistor is failing. This article that I wrote about 10 years ago should help explain.


Thank you. You have been helpful.

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