2002 Chevy avalanche my heater don’t blow you can hear the blower blowing hard no air coming out nowhere on any setting and there’s no air sheehy control does it need to be recalibrated or what

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#15143 Closed 2002 Avalanche Z71 public

I have blower control no temperature control and no control moving from defroster to floor 2 minutes no air coming out at all you can hear the blower blowing hard but nothing’s coming out


I would suspect debris in the fan blade/impeller or completely restricted airflow through the evaporator core. Did the problem occur suddenly or did it get worse over an extended time?

I just bought the truck a week ago and it was doing this but I pulled my in cab filters and you can feel the fan blowing at that point and blowing hard


Were the filters dirty//did you replace them? If the filters were clean or you replaced them I would recommend pulling them back out and checking to see if the surface of the evaporator core is clean. You will need a flash light and have to be able to twist around to get a good view through the filter opening.

yes the filters were dirty while I had to dirty filters out I turn the blower on in the blower blows hard is that point but still nothing comes out of the vents after I put the new filters in could just be a blend door issue


One of the doors being stuck would not hamper the volume of air coming out. It would only affect the temperature of the air or the location of where it is coming out. So if you have no air coming out anywhere there is a restriction between the blower motor and the evaporator core. The filters are clean and new so there must debris build up on the evaporator core  fins.

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