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Sparky. I need to know the proper procedure for recalibration of a dual Hvac system? I have done the recalibration system using the 2006 Siverado single 10amp fuse internet example. Now when I used the single Hvac procedure pulling the Front Hvac 25 amp fuse instead of 10 amp for Silverados ect, with single systems. I now have 50% heat coming from all front vents. The 30 amp fuse Rear Hvac has always worked with heat. This leads me to believe that their may be a different recalibration process for my year 2001 and the dual fuse Hvac system. I want to get 100% working heat in all the front vents. Thanks in advance,


Actuator Recalibration

The HVAC control module will relearn the actuator limits whenever power is disconnected and re-connected to the module.

Use the following steps to perform the calibration update:

    1. Ignition off
    2. Remove the battery positive voltage circuit fuse of the HVAC Control Module. The correct fuse for your truck is the Radio fuse.

Important:  Scan tools or anything else connected to the diagnostic connector must be disconnected from the vehicle to properly perform the calibration procedure. If a scan tool is connected before this procedure is completed, then new calibration values will not be stored.

Important:  Failure to wait 60 seconds will not allow the HVAC control module sufficient time to clear the old calibration values.

  1. Wait a minimum of 60 seconds.
  2. Install the fuse.
  3. Start the engine.
  4. Allow the system to recalibrate. It needs a minimum of 60 seconds but could take up to four minutes. Do Not Touch Anything during this time.
  5. Turn the ignition off for at least 10 seconds but no more than 30 seconds.
  6. Restart the engine and test the HVAC operation.

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