2000 Cadillac Escalade – Front Vents Stuck in Defrost and Back AC seems to be colder

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Need help. My front vents are now stuck in defrost no matter what position I change the climate control panel to. I was told that it’s not the blend door actuator since it does cycle from air to heat when prompted. I thought it could have been a break in the vacuum hose but was told that since my panel is manual that there are no vacuum hoses. So now what? I’m now thinking of replacing the temperature control panel.

I also have noticed that the rear air seems to be colder than the front AC.



I would suspect either a faulty mode actuator or a broken mode actuator link. The following article is for an earlier vehicle but should be generally the same.



So I’m I replacing the mode actuator or the vent arm link? Either way where can I get the parts and are they located in the same place on a 2000 Cadillac Escalade?

Thank you!


You will be inspecting in the same general area and looking first to see if the link arm is present and functioning.  The link arm (if needed)  would be a dealer item if I remember correctly.

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