1999 GMC Sierra SLT, 5.3 L, Z-71. What is the recalibration procedure for this truck?

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Just replaced the blend door actuator. It had a cracked gear and was hanging up about mid position. There is no 10 amp HVAC/ECAS fuse under the hood. Only a 30 amp HVAC. Under the dash there is a HVAC 1 fuse.


According to GM service information there is no recalibration procedure for your vehicle. I checked the wiring diagrams and confirmed that there is no continuous battery supply to the control panel to confirm the lack of a recalibration process.


In the 2001 year model there is a recalibration procedure for vehicles with auto controls. There are none for vehicles with manual controls and the wiring diagrams confirm as the same as yours.

Thanks for the information. I installed the new blend door actuator, turned the key on with the A/C system in the off position and the heat/cool control in the full cool position. The actuator moved to the full cool position, made about 3 almost inaudible clicks and stopped. I then moved the control to the full heat position and the actuator moved to full heat, made the same 3 inaudible clicks and stopped. All is working again! Thanks again for the responses. I sent a donation toward the cause.

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