1992 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 CTSY Circuit dead short – blowing fuses

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Good morning,
I recently purchased a 1992 Chevy Silverado in near pristine condition with only 76,000 miles.
The truck came from an estate and sat up for a couple of years after the original owner passed away.
I am working to get the truck back on the road but have a few gremlins to work through.
It had a blown fuse in the Courtesy System which supplies the interior dome light, foot well lights, glove box light, ashtray lighter and memory wire to the radio. I have disassembled every light socket, every switch, the lighter and radio supply wire in search of the short, but have had no success.
Even with lamps removed and switches disconnected, still dead short.
Switches all test fine using an Ohm meter in both closed and open positions disconnected from harness.
The wiring harness looks pristine as does everything else in the truck and I can find no pinched wires or bad insulation.
What I cannot access is the back of the fuse panel to and the wiring immediately leaving it.

Can you tell me what I may be overlooking? Any suggestions?


You might want to check the underhood light. I can’t remember if it is powered by an orange wire or brown. Orange usually means it is powered by the courtesy fuse,  brown means it is controlled by the park lights.  Also depending on the trim level there may be courtesy lights in the door panel. The wiring may be there even if the lights are not.

Have checked under hood light. It is fed from terminal block under hood and has its own fuse.
Door panels do not have courtesy lights, but it is worth checking to see if wiring is supplied.



Been looking deeper and found that the rear cargo light and the vanity lights are also on that fuse. You may want to remove the mounting screws from each sun visor and check to see if the short goes away. The first clue is usually a new headliner or newly recovered sun visors.

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