02 tahoe electric door locks not working

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My 02 Tahoe’s power locks quit working. The unlock on the driver door and the passenger door both stopped working. When I push the rocker switch on the driver door I can hear a clicking in the fuse box at the end of the dash.
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From the description of your door lock issue I am assuming that your Tahoe has the base door locking system. The difference between the base and up level systems are that on the base system all door locks are activated on the first push of the remote. On the up level system it takes two pushes of the remote unlock button to unlock the passengers and tailgate locks.

Please see the attached wiring diagram. Most likely either the unlock fuse, the unlock jumper fuse or the unlock relay is blown, faulty or missing.

Hello I got the door locks to work, I took the driver door apart and disconnected the door lock wiring didn’t see anything obviously wrong so I put it back together and it works now. Must have been a bad connection. I did notice that the doors used to lock when I got to about 5 miles per hour I that has not worked for awhile, also my power mirrors dont work. I checked the fuses and the Mirr/Lock 3 amp at the left of the dash board is hot but the Htd/Mirr fuse under the hood is not also the Htd/Mirr fuse under the hood is not blown. I checked it and there is no power there.
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If the door locks used to lock with movement or when the transmission was shifted into drive then the programming has likely changed. You should be able to find the programming instructions in your owners manual.

Very common for moisture to have corroded the contacts inside the power mirror switch. If it is a separate switch and not part of the driver’s door module you can usually take them apart and clean them up with an eraser.

The heated mirrors are integrated with the HVAC system. The attached diagram shows the power feed flow.


Second attachment

The mirrors are not heated I checked again and Im not getting power at the mirror switch. I think the problem is that there is no power at the HTD Mirr fuse under the hood at the electrical center. The fuse is ok there is no power at that fuse. What would cause a loss of power at that fuse?


The heated mirror fuse is powered by the rear window defogger relay as shown in the Tahoe-Mirrors.png attachment sent earlier. So if there is no heater mirror and/or rear window defogger in your Tahoe you will never have power on that fuse. If you did have those two options you would first have to turn the ignition on and activate the rear window defogger switch.

The power for the mirror movement is controlled by the Mirror/Lock fuse as shown in the Tahoe-Mirror-2.png attachment.


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