02 tahoe ac blowing thru defrost vents

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#15727 Closed 2002 chevy tahoe public

I have an 02 tahoe that blows the ac thru the defrost vents. some times it will rotate thru all the vent options and some times it only comes thru the defrost vents it does not matter what vent position is selected.. The Tahoe is an ls it has front and rear ac, and it has the control that you can select a temperature as opposed to the blue to red temp control. also it has an auto select on the fan and the vent position.


In about 90% of the cases the mode actuator will be the cause of the concern. If the battery has gone dead or been disconnected a recalibration may be needed. There is also a small chance that the HVAC control panel has an issue. Rarely there could also be a wiring issue.

Without the use of a system compatible scan tool to check codes and data you would need to use statistics along with trial and error methods to repir the problem yourself.

Thank You
Is the remove and replace the on the 02 tahoe the same as the R and R on the 03 silverado I read on your web site? I looked above the gas peddle and it looks like the actuator is in the same place.


It is pretty similar but the part number may not be the same between the two years.

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