2000 Ford Mustang, Shifter Interlock Erratic, Inop

This 2000 Ford Mustang came in with the complaint that the shifter interlock for the automatic transmission would not release properly and that it would have to be tried several times before it would release. I checked it and found that it required the brake pedal to be firmly pushed in order for it to … Continue reading “2000 Ford Mustang, Shifter Interlock Erratic, Inop”

1997 Ford Mustang, No Crank Condition

This 1997 Ford Mustang came in on a hook with a no crank condition, the starter would not work. I turned the key on and checked to make sure the dash lights came on. They did but as soon as I tried to crank the engine they went out. Seems like a battery cable connection. … Continue reading “1997 Ford Mustang, No Crank Condition”