2003 Chevrolet Silverado, Power Window Regulator & Motor Assembly Replacement Part 1

This 2003 Chevrolet Silverado came in with the very distinct complaint that the power window regulator was failing. Actually, it is my truck and I heard one or two of the cable strands pop while I was rolling the window down at a drive up teller. This repair generally applies to 1998 through 2007 GM: Cadillac, Chevrolet, and GMC classic series full sized trucks and SUVs. Avalanche, Escalade, Sierra, Silverado, Suburban, and Yukon.

Don’t let the smile fool you. Not really happy to work on this vehicle since it is mine. No profit in working on your own stuff.

To replace the regulator assembly the door panel has to come off and the first step is to remove the side view mirror trim cover. You can grasp the panel along the top edge and pull it away from the door or you can use a small tool to get behind it for leverage. The top edge has to be pulled out and then the panel will roll down and off. There is a hook at the bottom.

Again , a small tool can be inserted at the rear of the manual door lock trim cover so that the cover can be pulled from the door. Pull the rear edge away from the door panel then roll it forward and off.

Same small tool goes under the rear edge of the inner door handle trim panel. After the rear edge is clear, work around the upper and lower edges to free up the retaining clips. Then pull the whole trim panel slightly rearward to release the front hook

There are three screws that hold the door panel to the door. All three have a 7 mm head but the screw lengths and thread pitches are different,

The middle screw shown below is the longest of the three.

About 2 – 3 times longer than the top screw.

The bottom screw is under the door panel and you just have to kind of feel around for it.

That screw is the same length as the top screw but it has a sharper point and coarser thread pitch.

Now the door panel can be lifted straight up and off of the door.

It may hang up on the door lock rod. If so the panel will need to be flexed around it of it will need to be popped out of the inner slide clip for clearance.

You have to reach down to the door panel light and either remove the harness connector or wiggle the whole harness and socket connection around to free it from the lens assembly. No picture since I did not have some one else to work the camera or a third hand.

Next, while supporting the door panel you will have to disconnect the harness connector from the driver’s door module.

Most of the connectors have a thumb latch that has to be depressed before the connector can be pulled out of the DDN|

The next connector shown below has a lever latch. You have to depress the little bump tab just in front of it and then use a small screwdriver the move the gray bar past it…

… and all of the way over to fully release the latch.

Now we are down to moving the vapor barrier out of the way. Please do not cut or tear the vapor barrier as it is very important for protecting the harness connectors, switches and the materials of the door panel itself.

To see the YouTube video of this repair please click below. there will also be a part 2 coming in the next day or two.

I bought this item locally because it was immediately available and had a better warranty from my local parts store than buying it on Amazon.

I would have preferred to have purchased this one on Amazon but I did not want to wait several days to get it.

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