2008 Chevrolet Cobalt-Blower Not Working

This 2008 Chevrolet Cobalt Came in with the complaint that the blower did not work. Customer also stated that they had been smelling something “hot” for a “little while”.

Removing the HVAC control panel is fairly easy.

Open the glove box and pull the right trim piece off of the dash. You may need something to pry with.

Remove the short trim panel to the left. It is a little more difficult to remove due to the lack of leverage.

The lower edge is tucked in behind the knee bolster trim panel and will need a little extra work to maneuver it out.

Now the main trim panel can be removed. It also pulls out.

There is a harness that is connected to the back of the panel. It would be optional to disconnect it or not but I find it easier to work with it out of the way.

Two screws with 7 mm heads need to be removed.

I would imagine this is the “Hot Smell” that the driver had noticed.

The two undamaged connectors were removed with no problem. Just depress the thumb latches and pull.

The blower switch was a different story though. I removed the two T 10 screws that held the switch in place and wiggled and pulled the switch from the HVAC panel.

I was also pulling the blower switch knob in the opposite direction at the same time.

With the switch removed from the HVAC control panel I could pry, pull and twist to my hearts content without fear of damaging anything else.

I started splicing in the replacement harness connector one wire at a time.

Staggering the splices make for a neater repair.

Next I heated the heat shrink tubing over the splice joints and wrapped the harness with tape.

In the process of installing the switch into the HVAC panel I noticed something rattling around. I unclipped the black front cover from the white rear housing. The part numbers on the assembly are 15890411 and 28043865.

I then lifted the light projecting panel from the face plate….

… and found this terminal from the old blower switch.

Nothing was found in the rear housing.

I decided to check the back lighting operation before reassembling the control panel. The lower right bulb was not working.

I soldered in a new bulb and rechecked.

After putting everything back together and checking the blower operation. All was well.


A few things to discuss.

in the next image you can see the original Delphi part number of the switch is 28026213.

The switch is actually a five speed switch but the stops on the knob only allow it to function on the first four speeds.

The switch is not listed by GM or ACDelco by application.

It is available here with the repair harness.

If you want the bulbs too you would need this kit.  

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