2007 Dodge Durango Turn Signals Erratic

This 2007 Dodge Durango came in with the complaint that sometimes when the left turn signal is applied the right turn signal is the one that lights up. The issue is happening more frequently now. The problem will usually be inside the turn signal combination switch and testing has to be done at the wiring for the multifunction switch. To access the switch the steering column covers need to be removed starting with the tilt lever handle. It had to be grasped firmly and pulled towards the back of the steering wheel.


Next a T15 torx driver will be needed to remove the lower attaching screws. One as shown below and two on the opposite side of the lower cover.


The upper cover will lift up and off of the steering column.


There, the harness connector for the multifunction switch can be found as shown below. Voltage testing will be done on the white/dark blue wire. There should be a change in voltage as the left and right turn signals are selected. There should also be a change when the hazard lights are turned on. The violet/brown wire is the ground return signal. The voltage and ground return signals are outputs of the instrument cluster. I could not find the voltage specifications and did not have time for more testing as the customer needed her car back. This is a very common problem and if the basic signals are present from the IPC then the switch is faulty.


The red lock has to be slid towards the instrument cluster. Then the tab can be depressed so that the harness connector can be pulled loose of the multifunction switch.


There are two phillip’s headed screws that hold the switch to the mounting bracket. Once the screws are removed the mounting bracket need to be lifted slightly away from the switch.


It has to be lifted so that the locking detent tab can be cleared.  The actions are better shown in the next picture.


Once the detent is cleared the multifunction switch can be slid out of the mounting bracket.


The replacement switch came with a bracket that I found no need for and therefore could not justify the time or expense involved in removing the steering wheel in order to replace that bracket.

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