2003 Ford F150 Interior Fuse Box Identification

2003 Ford F150 Interior Fuse Box Identification. Below you will find an image of the interior or central junction box. Each component is identified and there is a legend below. Clicking on the image will enlarge it.

Fuse Legend

1 (15A) – Radio, Video Cassette Player, Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) Module, Rear Integrated Control Panel (RICP).

2 (5A) – Instrument Cluster, Powertrain Control Module (PCM), Electronic Automatic Temperature Control (EATC) Module, Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) Timer Jumper.

3 (20A) – Data Link Connector (DLC), Cigar Lighter (Front).

4 (5A) – Mirror Turn Signal Relay (Left & Right), Exterior Rear View Mirror Switch.

5 (15A) – Digital Transmission Range (DTR) Sensor, Reversing Temps Switch, Speed Control Servo, Function Selector Switch Assembly, Temperature Blend Door Actuator, Daytime Running Lamps (DRL) Relay 1.

6 (5A) – Generic Electronic Module (GEM), Brake Shift Interlock, Instrument Cluster.

7 (N/A) – Not Used.

8 (5A) – Generic Electronic Module (GEM), Radio, Video Display, Video Cassette Player.

9 (N/A) – Not Used.

10 (N/A) – Not Used.

11 (30A) – Windshield Washer Relay, Wiper Run/Park Relay, Wiper High/Low Relay, Windshield Wiper Motor.

12 (N/A) – Not Used.

13 (20A) – Indicator Flash Relay, Brake Pedal Position Switch.

14 (15A) – Battery Saver Relay, Interior Lamp Relay.

15 (5A) – Generic Electronic Module (GEM), Brake Pressure Switch, Brake Pedal Position Switch.

16 (20A) – Instrument Cluster, Headlamp (Left & Right).

17 (N/A) – Not Used.

18 (5A) – Main Light Switch.

19 (N/A) – Not Used.

20 (5A) – Powertrain Control Module (PCM), Generic Electronic Module (GEM), Radio.

21 (15A) – Clutch Pedal Position Switch, Clutch Triple Function Switch Jumper, Central Junction Box (CJB), Digital Transmission Range (DTR) Sensor.

22 (10A) – Restraints Control Module, Passenger Air Bag Deactivation (PAD) Switch.

23 (10A) – Trailer Tow Relay (Battery Charge), 4×2 Center Axle Disconnect Solenoid, 4×4 Center Axle Disconnect Solenoid, Indicator Flasher Relay, Transfer Case Electric Clutch Relay, Mechanical Shift on the Fly (MSOF) Relay, ABS Control Module, Heated Seat Module (Driver & Passenger Front), Seat Heater Switch (Driver & Passenger), Overhead Console, Electrochromatic Inside Mirror Unit.

24 (10A) – Function Selector Switch Assembly, Blower Motor Relay, Electronic Automatic Temperature Control (EATC) Module.

25 (10A) – Heated Mirrors.

26 (10A) – Headlamp (Right).

27 (5A) – Main Light Switch.

28 (10A) – Headlamp (Left).

29 (5A) – Transmission Control Switch, Autolamp Sensor, Central Security Module, Belt Minder Module.

30 (30A) – PCM Power Diode, Ignition Transformer Capacitor 1, Ignition Coil, Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) Timer Jumper, Instrument Cluster, Passive Anti-Theft Transceiver Module.

31 (N/A) – Not Used.

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