2011 Nissan Rogue, Changing The License Plate Bulbs

This 2011 Nissan Rogue came in with one of the license plate or tag light bulbs blown. Replacing the bulbs is actually quite easy. Lift the tailgate and look at the interior panel. There is a rectangular cover with a screwdriver slot at one end. I found it difficult to remove the cover by prying in this area.


Instead I went to either side of it and slid my pocket screwdriver in and pried and twisted it a little. Then I moved to the other side in the same general location.


Looking up into the opening the tag light bulb sockets can be seen.


I twisted them both out and replaced both bulbs even though only one was acting up. They have both been on the same amount of time and lived through the same vibrations. So the other one will likely fail soon.


Both tag light bulbs working.


I should note that pulling the tailgate back down slightly to get a better angel made the job a little more comfortable.

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