2006 Toyota Tundra, Stoplights Do Not Work

This 2006 Toyota Tundra came in with the complaint that the stoplights do not work. testing begins at the interior fuse box. The stoplight fuse is designated as “Stop” and is rated at 15 amps. It is located two up and tow from the left in the mini fuse section of the fuse block.



There was power on both side of the fuse but I did not see the point in showing two pictures.  The next step is to remove the underdash cover to access the stoplight switch. There are two phillip’s headed screws that hold the hood release handle assembly in place.


There are a total of four 10 mm headed bolts that hold the panel to the dash structure. Two on the left and two on the right side of the steering column.



The panel will now unsnap from the dash by pulling it towards the driver’s seat. There is a tire monitor reset switch that has to be disconnected.


And the hood cable has to be wiggled through the opening in the panel.


The duct work shown below also had to be removed. First it slides towards the center of the dash. Then the left end will drop down and out of the dash. Follow that up will pulling the duct towards the driver’s door and it is out of the way.


The brake light switch just to left of the steering column.



With the harness disconnected there is power on the white wire.


Jumping between the white and the white/red wire with a fused jumper wire turns the stoplights on.



The new stoplight switch. Surprisingly I had to get one from a local Toyota dealership. All of the ones I found in the aftermarket had a blue plastic base that the harness plugs into and the terminals are arranged differently.  On this truck all four wires are in a straight row with a rectangular connector. The other switches show having  2 terminals in two rows in a square  connector.


To installing the new switch I ran the threaded stem in until it lightly touched the green bump pad. I then backed the switch out one half turn and tightened the locking nut.


Now the stoplights are back working.



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