2007 Infiniti M35 Changing The Driver’s Side Low Beam Headlight Bulb

This 2007 Infiniti M35 came in with the complaint that the driver’s side low beam headlight did not work. The headlight bulb is a little difficult to get to but not as bad as some others. It does make it much easier if you have a lift available but it can also be done on the ground.  The first step is to turn the steering wheel to the full left position. Then from under the vehicle remove the screws that hold the horizontal portion of the inner fender panel in place.


Then remove the push pin retainers along the inside of the wheel well. These are very easy to break and most of the time I find them either already broken or completely missing. There are two parts to the inner fender panel or wheel well liner. We are only concerned with removing the lower/forward portion.


The liner removed and laying on the floor.


Now with the wheel turned to the left and the wheel well liner out of the way the rear of the headlight assembly can be accessed.


The low beam bulb is located behind this cover. It rotates for removal.


With the cover out of the way the bulb base can now be seen. It is important to carefully remove the wiring connector from the bulb first. It was impossible to get a picture of this because I used one hand to hold the bulb in place and the other to pull the wiring connector from the bulb. If you do not do this you may damage the wire spring clip that hold the bulb in place. The other choice would be to undo the clip that holds the bulb in place. Try to wiggle the bulb and harness out of the hole together and then pull the wiring loose from the bulb. I find that method slightly cumbersome.


The wire is off of the bulb and I am carefully pushing in on and moving the retainer wire to one side so that it will unhook from the light assembly.


The rear of the light assembly with the bulb removed.


Pretty clear that this bulb is blown.


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