1994 Chevrolet C1500 Blower Inop/Erratic

This 1994 Chevrolet C1500 came in with the complaint that the blower motor either would not work or work sometimes. A quick check of power and ground at the blower motor itself revealed a lack of ground while the problem was present. With the system on high and the blower motor not working I touched the probe of my test light to the case of the motor indicating a lack of ground.

I know that there is a common issue in a connector behind the glove box so I wanted to drop it down and do a quick inspection and test. After opening the glove box the latches at the sides need to be pulled in so that the glove box will fully open.


Once the glove box dropped all of the way down it was simple enough to lift it off of the hinge pins.


In the next picture you can see the two wire connector that I was looking for. In various year models of Chevrolet and GMC “C” & “K” series trucks and suvs the connector may have more than the two wires shown. There will always be a 12 gauge black and red wire though. If you enlarge the next image you can see a slight brown discoloration on the side of the connector body.


It took a bit of effort to get the connector apart but as you can see it was the source of this problem. There is a secondary fault that could cause this same lack of ground complaint that can be attributed to a loose ground wire connection at the rear of the passenger side cylinder head. Normally this only happens if the engine or head has been removed from the vehicle after it left the factory. Many times the windshield wipers will not work either.


The simple solution for this problem is to just splice the like colored wires together. I happen to have terminals and connector bodies that work well for a more finished repair.


It does not function any better than just splicing the wire connection together but it is a little prettier.


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