2005 Nissan Altima, Turn Signal Indicators Do Not Work

This 2005 Nissan Altima came in with the complaint that the turn signal indicators in the instrument cluster did not illuminate and there was no noise/clicking. The turn signals on the outside of the vehicle worked properly. I also noted that the trip odometer would cycle through it’s readings when the turn signals or the high beams were activated.

I checked all of the fuses and found one blown for the power outlet. I replaced that fuse and the condition persisted. I compared the fuse box legend to the fuse box and noticed a problem.

There were fuses installed where there were supposed to be empty slots and there was one fuse missing. The missing fuse was labeled “Electronic Parts”.

I installed a new 10 amp fuse into the empty slot.

The turns signal indicators now worked properly.

They illuminated and the clicking noise was there also. The trip odometer stayed steady when the turn signals or the high beams were activated.

The missing fuse appeared to be a result of someone switching fuses around whenever the power outlet fuse would blow. A new charging adapter for the cell phone was all that was needed.

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