2006 Acura TSX Changing The Cabin Air Filter

This 2006 Acura TSX needed the cabin air filter changed. After opening the glove box, I pushed the arm on the right side forward to release the hook as shown in the next picture.

Next the stops on either side of the glove box interior have to be removed. I had to lift up on the outer edge of the plastic stop to release the latch.

Then I could slide the stop towards myself and tilt it in towards the interior of the glove box.  You have to continue lifting while moving the stop. I had to break it down into separate steps due to the lack of a third hand.

The glove box has to be closed slightly in order to fully remove the plastic stop assemblies.

There is a retaining string that will keep the glove box from opening too far. This one had become dislodged so I had to re install the white plastic clip into the retaining hole.

The cabin air filter cover. Notice the air flow arrows point down.

There are latches on either side of the cover that have to be depressed and pulled out at the same time.

The dirty cabin air filter.

Make sure the new filter slide into the housing completely and that one fold is positioned behind the lips at either end.

I went ahead and vacuumed up dust and debris that was behind the glove box area.

I also pulled down the passenger side under dash hush panel and cleaned there as well.

Another one done.

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