2008 Chevrolet Impala, Ticking Sound Under Passenger Side Of Dash

This 2008 Chevrolet Impala came in with the complaint that there was a loud ticking sound coming from under the passenger side of the dash, with the a/c on. Well on that side of the car there are two actuators and to get to either one of them the glove box needs to be removed. On this year model there are two metal hinge pins that have to be removed from either side. I was able to grab one of them easily with a pair of duck bill pliers. Needle nosed would work too. I twisted it a little and pulled it right out.

The other one did not have enough of the pin exposed to grasp. I used this tool to push it out some from the other end of the hinge.

With both pins out, I opened the glove box latch and rolled it open. I had to maneuver the box around to get past the two stop pins at the back of the glove box.

A close up of one of the stop pins.

There is a gear mechanism on the left side of the glove box that has to be paid attention to. Just want to make sure you roll the glove box out of it cleanly and with no undue pressure. When re-assembling the glove box you will need to make sure everything lines up properly and it all rolls together smoothly.

With the glove box out of the way the recirculation/fresh air door actuator can be seen at the far right side. Just to confirm it was the cause of the ticking sound I put my hand on it while the sound was being produced.

You can see it, if you just get the glove box fully opened but there is not enough room for a full sized person to work without removing the complete glove box assembly.

There are two 5.5 mm headed screws that hold the actuator in place. In the following picture I am removing the rear one.

Now the nearest one. They are both on the same horizontal plane.

With the screws removed the actuator can be pulled from the door shaft and one alignment pin. It is much easier to remove the harness connector with the actuator free of the vehicle. Lift the tab and pull the connector loose. I did not reconnect the harness to the new actuator until it was mounted.

The new actuator and the old actuator both had the same part number 52409974 on them. Some of the earlier actuators have the part number 15844096 on them.

In fact it seems like the numbers are updated quite often, 16451370 and 22754988 are some other numbers in use for the same part.

If you would like to purchase the most up to date replacement actuator for this repair please click here. 

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  1. Sparky – thanks! Worked like a charm. Only issue I encounter was lining up the arm(s) to the new actuators. Needed to open the new actuator up and manual move the gears so it would line up with the opening of the old/bad actuator. Once that was solved everything lined back up and done.

  2. I had the clicking noise and someone replaced the one on the driver side.But I had to put the temperature gauge in opposite position to get hot or cold from then on only on side he replaced other side still works fine.I was fine with this because the noise did stop for about 3 wks now I have humming noise on driver side and clicking on passenger side and a couple of months have passed and now air want get get hot nor cold. A friend has unplugged the passenger side now i still have hum from driver side but no clicking
    what could be the problem why no temp to air?

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