2003 Ford Focus, Runs Hot, Cooling Fans Inop, Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of this repair on the cooling fan system on a 2003 Ford Focus. To see part 1 please click here.

I consulted the wiring diagrams further and found that there was a fan resistor located in the fan housing. After unplugging the connector this is what I found. One terminal was badly damaged on the harness connector.

The resistor was damaged as well.

I spliced in a new harness connector. The connector part numbers are Ford#4U2Z-14S411-DA Motorcraft# WPT822, The Electric Connection #4071

Installed a new resistor.

Hooked the connector to the resistor.

Retested the system and all is well. My guess is that the resistor and its connector were the original problem and poor test methods by the previous shop had pushed the terminal for the relay out of position.

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  1. I have a 1989 K1500 w/new crate motor 350 5.7. The temperature gauge started showing that it was running hot. Guy at radiator shop told me to change fan clutch. Changed clutch. Checked resistance on CTS which showed bad. Replaced CTS but new one did not show any resistance so I checked resistance on green wire and is showing 175 ohms. Grounded green wire and turned key to on position and gauge maxed out. (Gauge good). Turned key to on and green wire checked 12.45vdc. Replaced CTS with new one and had same problem running hot (I shut it off at 235F). I tried another gauge from a wrecked truck and it did same thing (runs hot). I’m not sure that it is actually running hot but gauge shows hot. Changed CTS again but now it shows cold—gauge does not move unless I unhook green wire and ground it and then it maxes out (gauge good?). The top hose gets hot (thermostat opens). I’m not sure if there’s a short in the green wire or if it is supposed to have some resistance when the truck is off and unhooked from CTS. Any ideas?

    1. Excess resistance would result in a lower gauge reading in comparison to actual temperature. I would strongly recommend checking the actual temperature of the engine before doing anything else.

  2. First thing we need to clarify is that adding water only will drop the boiling point of the coolant and it will overheat. You need to try and maintain a 50/50 coolant & water mixture. Make sure the radiator cap seals properly and the hose between the overflow tank and the radiator is good. Assuming yours has this set up. Next refill a cold system and monitor the coolant level during warm up. repeated bubbling in the coolant indicates a combustion gas leak into the coolant system. A warm upper radiator hose before the engine is up to operating temperature indicates a stuck open thermostat. A cold upper radiator hose just past normal operating temperature indicates a stuck closed thermostat. Coolant boiling or being pushed out of the system above 235 F would indicate a possible cooling fan system problem.

  3. hi i have a 2003 focus that keeps overheating and im not sure why while i was driving i notice smoke coming from under the hood when i checked it the reservoir tank was empty of water so i put wayer in the reservoir but wasnt running the engine while doing so soley because i didnt know you had to the next day i checked the reservoir water was in there i drove about 8 miles before ut started snoking again upin inspection water was boiling inside the reservoir tank and spiling out the side of the cap due pretty sure to me over filling so i wait a few hours for it to cool down i put the right amount of water in the reservoir and drive around the corner all of a sudden it overheats again no smoke this time but i checked the reservoir and no waterwas in it yet i cant trace a leak what should i do

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