2006 Pontiac G6, Turn Signals Will Not Cancel After Making a Turn

This 2006 Pontiac G6 came in with the complaint that the turns signals would not turn off or cancel after making a turn. Instead the driver would have to manually turn the switch off after turning. Not a real big deal but it is quite annoying. The problem was inside the turn signal switch and this post is more about how to change the switch.

There are three 7 mm headed screws that hold the lower steering column cover in place.

Once the screws are removed and the lower cover is dropped, the upper cover lifts up. It will not come off though because it is attached to the instrument cluster bezel by a rubber dust cover/filler panel.

Two T15 torx headed screw hold the upper edge of the bezel in place.

The lower edge of the bezel has spring clips that hold it in place. A firm grasp and pull will allow the bezel to come free. The picture below shows the instrument cluster bezel and upper steering column cover assembly.

The turn signal switch has two harness connectors that have to be disconnected. Push in on the latches and pull the harnesses loose.

There are two clips that secure the turn signal switch to the steering column. One upper and the lower one as shown in the picture below.

Once both clips are released the turn signal switch will slide out of its holder.

Raise the steering column to the full up position and remove the switch. It takes just a little bit of a twist or roll motion to bring the switch all of the way out.

The white plastic tab in the picture below is what is supposed to catch on the steering shaft to cancel the turn signal. On the exterior everything appears okay but the white piece was broken internally.

4 discussions on “2006 Pontiac G6, Turn Signals Will Not Cancel After Making a Turn”

  1. After reading the instructions with visual aid, and the comment of August 31, 2013, I feel very confident about proceeding with this repair. The new one I have is identical to your illustrations. Will post a comment when completed.

  2. I just received a replacement switch, and the supplier also included a new mounting bracket for it. It appears however that installation of the bracket would require removal of the steering wheel (and thus the driver’s airbag assembly) in order to install it. Is this necessary? The supplier has indicated that the bracket is needed because of a production change in the switch itself. It would be a pain to remove the steering wheel I think.

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