1995 Infiniti J30 Replacing The Blower Motor

This 1995 Infiniti J30 came in with a faulty blower motor assembly. The blower motor is located under the passenger side of the dash.

There are a few screws and snaps that hold the lower cover in place.

A courtesy light also has to be unplugged.

There are screws at either side of the glove box opening, 10 mm. there may be small covers over the screw heads.

The passenger side kick panel has to be removed. There is a nut at the rear edge and a screw at the top edge.

The vertical portion of the rocker panel or sill plate will need to be unclipped as well.

In order to access and remove the blower motor the computer will have to be removed. I started by loosening the 10 mm screw that attaches the harness connector to the computer.

With the connector out of the way I used a 10 mm wrench to loosen and remove the two screws that hold the bracket on place. This bracket is in the way of removing the computer.

There is a screw at the bottom under the carpet that needs to be removed.

One behind the carpet at the firewall edge.

Then the computer can be rocked down from the upper retaining bracket.

The computer can now be fully removed.

Now the upper retaining bracket for the computer has to be removed. Two more 10 mm screws.

There is one small phillips headed screw that is up in a tight location as shown below.

The small screw removed.

There are three more phillips headed screws that need to be removed. They are easy to access and have a slightly different design.

There is one piece of linkage that is attached to the lower left corner of the panel as shown below. It has a flip door latch that has to be opened in order to remove the threaded rod linkage.

The next picture shows the location of the mounting hole that is next to the inner kick panel. I had to feel around for the screw and then slide the screwdriver into position.

Now that the cover panel has been removed the blower motor assembly can be removed by taking out it’s four mounting screws. The blower motor in the next picture is actually the new motor as it is getting ready to be installed.

Due to the difference in connector locations on the old and new motors, I had to extend the length of the two wires by about six inches.

The old blower motor on the left and the new one on the right.

I could not install the less expensive aftermarket design blower motor as it is designed to replace the motor only. The fan blade and the mounting plate are intended to be reused after inserting the new motor into it. The problem is that the new motor has a nominal outside diameter of 3.25 inches and the old motor insert is only 2.75 inches in diameter.

The high blower relay.

Due to the length of this repair post I will be breaking it up into at least two posts. To see the diagnostic part of this repair please click here.

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  1. This is by far the best step by step instructions I’ve found on the net for a repair. I know a lot of DYI mechanics and will refer them all to your site. I will definitely donate to help when I’m able as well. Out of curiosity, has anyone located part 2 of this posting?

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