2004 VW Beetle, Low Beam Headlight Works Sometimes

This 2004 Volkswagon Beetle came in with the complaint that the passenger side low beam headlight works sometimes. I suspected a loose or burnt terminal inside the headlight assembly. This vehicle had been wrecked somewhere along the way and the mounting locking tab was broken so it is being held in place by a screw. If you want to see how to take out a complete assembly please see the information at this link.

Once the headlight assembly is out of the car it is simply a matter of removing one small screw (if present) and depressing the locking tab on the black cover.

With the cover out of the way it is pretty easy to see the damaged wiring. If needed click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Some one had been in there before and had used electrical tape to insulate the bare wires. Okay for a temporary fix but not the long term. They would have been better off using a pair of pliers to tighten the female spade terminals.

Anyways I installed a new bulb and harness connector with and extra ground wire.

The thing that I really like about this connector is that it has an extra ground wire built into it and the center terminal attaches very tightly.

These bulbs tend to develop problems due to loose mounting clips and weak ground terminals.

You can see in the pictures that the outside tabs give a lot of contact area for the ground supply to the bulb.

The installed height of the connector assembly is 1.204 inches.

Or 30.59 mm.

As measured from the base of the bulb in the picture below. I know for sure it will fit this application but the H1 bulbs are used on many vehicles. To order these connectors please click here.

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