2001 Cadillac Deville DTS, Passenger Side Air Stuck on Cold

This 2001 Cadillac DeVille DTS came in with the complaint that the passenger side air was stuck on cold. There was a code B0429 stored in the Instrument Panel Module. B0429 relates to a fault with the passenger temperature door actuator assembly.

To gain access to the passenger side temperature door actuator the glove box will need to be removed. This starts by removing the trim panel that surrounds the sides and lower edge of the glove box. It is held in place by spring clips and will unsnap from the dash.

With the surround panel removed it is easier to gain access to the two 7 mm screws that hold the lower hush panel in place.

Next there are eight torx screws that hold the glove box assembly into the dash. They are either T15 or T20. Two are at the upper leading edge.

Two on the right face panel and two on the left face panel.

Two at the rear of the glove box. Just above the interior shelf.

With all of the screws removed the glove box will slide out of the dash. Keep in mind that there are several wiring connectors attached to the switches and light on the left side of the glove box assembly. Bring the box out slowly and in a way to gain access to the connectors.

On this Cadillac there were two plug in connectors with clips/latches that have to be released before removing the connector. The blue one has a latch that can be depressed with either using a small screw driver or your thumb. Hence the name thumb latch. The other has a latch that has to be lifted slightly so that the harness connector can be removed. The light assembly has two latches that have to be depressed. One upper and one lower.

Once the latches on the light are released, it has to be pushed to the inside of the glove box.

Once the light is fully within the glove box it can be rotated and placed back through the hole for removal. The wires do not disconnect from the light it has to be removed as an assembly.

Now that the glove box is fully out of the way the passenger side temperature door actuator can be easily seen.

There are two screws that need to be removed both have 5.5 mm heads. The first is located in the hole near the center of the actuator.

The other is located on the lower edge. The wiring harness at the lower left edge will also need to be removed. It sometimes takes a bit of wiggling and maneuvering but the actuator will come out and go back in with no other parts removal.

Once off you will notice that there is a split shaft on the underside of the actuator. That is because the actuator also controls the temperature of the r rear vents in the back of the enter console. When installing the new actuator, you will need to reach in and slightly flex the center shaft towards you so that the actuator will slide onto it.

The old actuator has a label with the following numbers on it: 52474996, B311031CSA.

If you need of this actuator please click here. 

9 discussions on “2001 Cadillac Deville DTS, Passenger Side Air Stuck on Cold”

  1. I have to agree with Joshua C … Thank you so much for taking the time to create this tutorial ! with such great detail from start to finish, the pictures were a huge plus . I am by no means mechanically inclined, but I was able to buy this part and complete this fix, and I truly would not have attempted this without your direction. Tell your boss, you deserve a raise.

  2. Hi I am going to try this replacement, You did a great job of explaining how to do it but I would like to know one thing.. When you are putting the new actuator in how do you position the mix door “d” shaft so that is is in the correct position?

        1. Where did it fall out from and what repair was being done when this happened? It would be easier if you used the “ask a question” tool on this site so that you could upload any pictures you may have of the rod.

          1. I was taking off the passenger side acuator in my 2004 deville like you described above and when i pulled out the acuator the rod came out with it, its the rod that fits into the actuator that controls the back seat vents.

          2. I only have a vague memory of that rod so I can’t offer much help on the matter. My hope for you is that you can identify some sort of indexing mark that will give you a clue as to the best way to re install it.

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