2004 GMC Envoy No Crank Condition

This 2004 GMC Envoy came in with multiple electrical complaints. The main complaint was that it had to jumped started any time the engine was shut off.  A quick check found that the battery cables were very loose.

After removing the cable ends for inspection an excess amount of corrosion was found. From the way the boot was notched it look like there was another cable lead hooked under this cable at some time.

The positive battery cable end looked even worse.

The bolts were in bad shape as well.

With the bolt and boot cover removed I could see the extent of corrosion on this cable end.

The negative cable end looks a little bit better but it will still need some cleaning.

This is probably the best cleaning tool for cleaning these and other similar cable ends and the battery posts on side post batteries.

All shined up and ready to go back together.

A new insulating boot or cover.

One for each battery terminal.

Cleaned cable ends, new bolt and insulating covers and all of this vehicles problems were corrected.

Well almost, I also had to replace the Mega fuse in the underhood fuse box to restore power to the power windows and some other accessories.

The fuse was blown because someone thought it would be a good idea to jump start the vehicle from this location instead of at the battery terminals. Sometimes it is the simplest of things that need to be corrected to repair a vehicle complaint.

4 discussions on “2004 GMC Envoy No Crank Condition”

  1. Start by checking the HVAC, HVAC 1 and HVAC B fuses in the rear fuse box. You will not have all three fuses if you have auto ac controls. Make sure they have battery power with the key on and through the crank cycle. Next check the CRANK fuse in the underhood fuse box to see if battery power is present with the ignition switch in the crank position.

  2. 2004 GMC Envoy
    No start no crank. No power to climate controls Or 4 x 4 indicator Sometimes these will power on then truck will start. No Ground On starter relay with ignition and start position. Installed new ignition module still no start. Engine will turn over with jumper wire on starter relay 87 to 30. Can you please tell me what I should check next

  3. I have a no crank condition on my envoy. I have replaced the battery, starter and ignition switch. After i put the ignition switch in and key out the battery light on the instrment panel stays on. We still have a no crank condition.

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