2003 Pontiac Grand Am, Fuel Pump Test

I had already replaced the fuel pump in this 2003 Pontiac Grand Am and while I was letting it run, I decided to check the amperage draw of the new fuel pump. I had already installed a fused jumper wire so I had easy access to connect my low amp probe.

The picture above reads 6.36 amps while the one below reads 6.40 amps. I would conclude that a reading between 6 and 7 amps would indicate a good fuel pump. A lower reading would indicate worn brushes or an open fuel line (I think you would see or smell that though). A higher reading would indicate a dirty fuel filter, faulty pressure regulator (restricting fuel flow too much) or a faulty condition within the fuel pump itself.

I know this is not much of a post in comparison  to most that I do but I thought it might be interesting for some.

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