1996 Ford F350, No Crank Condition

This 1996 Ford F350 with a diesel engine came in with the complaint that sometimes the engine would not crank. At other times it would crank normally. Luckily for me when I got to it, it would not start, almost like there was no battery in the truck. Seemed pretty simple. I connected the clamp of my test light to ground and made sure I had a connection by touching the positive battery post. I also checked at the terminal end to make sure it had a solid connection to the battery post. It was good.

I followed the cable to the starter relay and tested there. No power.

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I found a convenient place about halfway down the cable and checked for power. It was present. The problem is between this last test point and the terminal end at the starter relay.

I took the cable end off at the relay fro inspection. It was loose on the cable.

So loose in fact that I pulled it off with my fingers.

I crimped on and soldered a new terminal and then applied the heat shrink tubing.

Installed the new cable end to the starter relay and this part was done.

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