2004 Chevrolet Silverado, Dash Cover Removal

This 2004 Chevrolet Silverado came in with multiple hvac actuator faults. After diagnosing a faulty passenger side blend air door actuator with my Tech 2 scan tool it was time to remove the dash cover. Not a big deal but there are a lot of steps.

Lift the lower edge of the dash end caps and remove the covers.

There are two phillips headed screws. A short screw driver is needed to do this. Remember to do this on both sides of the dash.

Using a small screw driver or other similar device, gently pry the passenger side vents from the dash.

Work the vent out evenly. If it is cocked to one side or the other it will tend to jam.

There is a phillips headed screw under each vent on the passenger side.

Repeat the process on the other vent.

Now, look up into the upper edge of both vent holes. You will see a white push button. Depress the buttons. The buttons depress to the center of the handle assembly. The right side pushes to the left  and the left side pushes to the right.

Pull the passenger handle from the dash. You can alternate from side to side until it is fully removed or you can have someone assist you.

Grasp the upper edge of the trim panel and pull out. Once the upper edge is released, work the panel up until it releases from the dash panel.

Rotate the panel over to expose the tweeter wiring, if present. Depress the locking tab and pull the connectors apart.

Grasp the upper edge of the dash face panel and pull it loose from the dash.

Work around the dash face until all of the clips are free. Tilt the steering wheel fully down. Turn the ignition on and drop the shifter handle all of the way down. Roll the upper edge of the dash face out towards you. The panel will have to be flexed above the center of the instrument cluster to release the face panel fully.

A better view of releasing the “A” pillar trim panel.

Remove the 7 mm headed screws around the edge of the dash cover panel.

Once all screws are removed, the dash cover will pull off of the dash carrier. It has to be pulled away from the windshield to release the forward clips. Then lifted slightly to clear the leading edge of the dash carrier.

Most trucks will have the ambient light sensor and possibly a sun load sensor mounted to the underside of the dash.

The ambient light sensor twists out like a light bulb. Be gentle with this part as it is fragile. If it has the second sensor, it has to be unplugged.

Support the dash cover evenly as you pull it from the vehicle.

Now , remove the two 7 mm screws that hold the right driver’s side vent register in place. Remove the vent register.

Remove the panel holding the passenger side airbag switch. The panel may be blank in some years. It pulls out and uses spring clips to hold it in place.

Now, if you look under the vent duct you will see the wiring for the passenger side blend air door actuator.  Look closely and you should see the actuator itself.

This post is so long that I am breaking it up into multiple posts.

To see how to change the recirculation / fresh air door actuator please click here.

To see how to change the passenger side blend air door actuator from this point,  please click here.

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  1. I understand your frustration but you may want to rethink your strategy. Many of the other manufacturers have an even worse procedure for replacing the actuators. GM has in fact made the replacement much easier on the newer generation of trucks. You may want to check the coolant level as that can affect heat output. Also I recently did a post on checking the system at the passenger side door jamb junction block.


  2. Damn GM for these parts. I went through this process a few months ago to fix hot air on the passenger side. It worked up until now I want heat and all I’m getting is cold air out of that side. I fairly certain I won’t be buying any more GM vehicles.

    That said thank you for the instructions.

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