1994 Toyota Pickup, EFI FuseBlows

This 1994 Toyota pickup came in with the complaint that the EFI fuse blows. The problem was intermittent at first but now the customer says that it happens so often that he is scared to drive it. The EFI fuse is located in the underhood fuse relay box.

The fuse was blown and would blow as soon at the key was turned on.

I have seen shorts in a few locations on these trucks over the years.

One of the more common locations is at the underhood diagnostic connector wiring. Sometimes the harness will rub the inner fender panel where it breaks out of main assembly. Not so in this case. The truck has been lifted and the harness has been moved. The place that would short out is now on top of a piece of plastic and insulated.

The next place to look is under the vehicle at the exhaust and drive shaft areas.

This looks like the short.

The wires are loose and slightly damaged here as well.

The oxygen sensor wires were where the short actually was though.

A closer look.

The short was limited to one wire, so I cut it and spliced it back together and sealed it with some heat shrink tubing.

Then put all of the wires back into the protective sleeve.

Added some split loom to further protect it.

Routed the wiring away from the exhaust and the driveshaft areas.

Then found a spot on the side of the transmission to secure then wiring harnesses.

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