General Motors Computer Hardware Requirements for Programming GM Vehicles

After an exhausting morning of trying to get my computer set up for TIS 2 Web Programming, this is what I found. Forget about using a modern computing system built for a consumer. At this time GM’s programming system will only work with 32 bit systems. GM recommends for successful programming to only use a professional grade Windows 32 bit operating system. I have used consumer grade hardware for programming in the past and have been told by others that it will work. However, GM states that they do not support those systems. The following is taken from ” General Motors Dealer Infrastructure Guidelines, ver 2010.07.01″. I have highlighted certain terms in red that I found important.

“Please Note the Following:

Dealerships may choose processor speeds, memory capacities, audio adapters and hard drive
capacities which exceed the recommended specifications based on needs and product

General Motors does not support the following: AMD or Pentium IV or lower processors, 64 Bit
Operating Systems or consumer grade hardware.

Techline does not support Windows XP Mode / Windows Virtual PC on Windows 7 Professional.

Techline does not support Windows XP Tablet Edition.

General Motors does support the following: Intel Dual Core, Intel Core 2 duo / quad,
Intel i3 / i5 / i7, Intel Atom (HP Mini 5102 High Definition), Business grade hardware,
Vista Business 32 bit SP1, and XP Professional SP3 (until December 31, 2010).

For Service Programming (SPS) purposes, a dealership may be asked to purchase a USB drive
to perform programming on a Radio/Navigation or Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC) system.

The following specification should be used when purchasing the USB drive:

USB 2.0 compliant flash drive 512 MB or greater

Techline application updates require Windows Administrative access

General Motors estimates the life cycle of a Desktop PC, Laptop or Notebook on average is three
(3) years.

Techline requires one (1) PC for every two (2) technicians”

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Nowhere on this page of “does and does not support hardware and operating systems”, does it state that it will work with Windows 7 Professional, 32 bit.

My biggest gripe, about this whole thing, is this not published on the TIS 2 Web programming website?

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