1999 Chevrolet Tahoe, ECM 1 Fuse Blows

This 1999 Chevrolet Tahoe came in with a complaint that the ECM 1 fuse in the under hood fuse box would blow, which of course causes a no run condition. Usually five to ten minutes after a cold start. That in itself is enough of a clue to me to start looking around the exhaust and sure enough there it is. The harness was not properly secured after an engine exchange and the harness for the crank sensor is shorted out on the passenger exhaust manifold.

I disconnected the wiring harness from the crank sensor, power steering pressure sensor and ground locations. I then pulled the harness up so that I could work on it easier. The picture below shows the melted loom and exposed wiring.

The only wire that was actually damaged was the red power supply wire for the crank sensor.

I replaced the damaged wire.

Placed the wiring back inside the loom and wrapped the whole thing with metal tape to reflect the heat. I then routed the harness correctly down to the lower side of the engine and secured the harness in the factory retainers that were still in place. Whoever had done the engine work was in too big of a hurry to put the wiring back correctly. Their loss is my gain.

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  1. Just want to express my gratitude for this post. I spent the last couple days of subzero weather trying to track down the cause of a no-spark condition on my 99 Tahoe. After discovering the ECM-1 fuse had blown, I immediately hit up Google. After an hour of sifting through “speculation” postings on various forums, I found this post. Went out to the truck, and wouldn’t you know it, that exact same wire harness had fell onto the exhaust manifold! I couldn’t believe my eyes, as the harness and pink wire inside looked just as yours did.

    I went about the repair in the same manner, even using foil tape over the top of the repaired harness.

    So thank you again, a million times over!!!

  2. thank you after tons of time i finally googled this issue and found your post and it was the same problem i had. i repaired the wire and tied it up and got them on the road again. thank you- robert

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