2002 Pontiac Grand Prix, Changing The Low Coolant Sensor

This 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix came in with a faulty coolant level sensor. The radiator was full of coolant, the light was on and it would go off when the sensor is disconnected. The sensor is in a pretty difficult place to access for replacement but there is a trick. The sensor is the grey cube located behind the transmission cooler line in the picture below.

The trick is to remove the passenger side headlight assembly. There are a couple of 10 mm headed bolts that need to be removed. The grey bolt heads can be seen at either side of the headlight assembly as seen in the picture below. There is also a Phillips headed screw that has to be removed in order to take the park/turn signal light assembly out first.

With the bolts removed the headlight assembly can be removed. It takes just a little gentle rocking and twisting to get it pulled from the body.

Now the sensor can be easily accessed through the body opening.

There is a wire retaining clip that needs to be removed. Then the old sensor can be twisted and pulled from the radiator. The new sensor simply pushes in until the clip snaps into place. I used a mirror to see make sure the new sensor is fully seated in the radiator.

Installed the head light assembly and then the park/turn signal light assembly.

A good look at the new and old sensors along with the retaining clip.

5 discussions on “2002 Pontiac Grand Prix, Changing The Low Coolant Sensor”

  1. Everything worked out fine, but I had to use a block of wood and a crow bar to get those retainers to snap in. I was getting nervous I would be driving and the sensor would pop out along with all my anti-freeze. I live in AZ. Thanks for the write up.

  2. Thank you for posting this info with pictures too!! I am having issues with my 2002 Grand Prix, she’s getting old & I unfortunately like so many others with the economy like it is cannot afford a new or even used car so I need to repair everything that I can to keep my car on the road. She’s been a good car though so I cannot complain!!! Thanks again!

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