1997 Chevrolet C1500 Pickup, Park Light Fuse Blows

This 1997 Chevrolet C1500 pickup came in with the complaint that the park or tail light fuse would blow. i did a quick inspection of the trailer wiring at the rear of the vehicle and all was well back there. I turned my attention to the front park lights. Four phillips headed screws and it was out. This is what I found. You may need to click on the image below to enlarge it to see the shorted wire behind the driver’s side front park/turn signal assembly.

The rust spot in the center of the picture below is where the wire was rubbing and shorting out.

A little bit of tape and repositioning and this one was done.

This is a very common area for shorts in this era of Chevrolet and GMC full sized trucks including the Pickup, Tahoe, Yukon and Suburban models. The shorts can involve the park lights or turn signals. This particularly true if there has ever been front end damage to the vehicle.

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  1. My tail lights do not work but brake lights and blinkers do, the dash lights are out where the speedomoder is and the left blinker works on the outside but does not flash on the dash.. is it a fuse? idk what to do i just bought it and im not to familer with it

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