2000 Chevrolet Silverado, Changing The A/C Belt

This 2000 Chevrolet Silverado came in with the complaint that the a/c was not getting cold. A quick visual inspection found that the a/c belt was gone. Most owners do not even realize there is a separate a/c belt. In order to replace the belt, the primary serpentine belt has to be removed. This requires removing the air intake tube.

Loosen a hose clamp at both ends.

Disengage the radiator hose clip from the tube assembly.

Pull the hose assembly from the vehicle.

Locate the belt tensioner assembly and using the tool of choice release the tension from the main belt.

A different view. I use a special wrench kit made for belt adjusters but a wrench or ratchet and socket will work also. The longer the better though. Leverage makes a difference.

With the tension released, the main belt can be removed.

Next the front gravel plate needs to be removed. Three bolts on the upper edge and two on the lower.

Position the main belt out of the way.

Install the new a/c belt. It is a little tedious but I install the belt over the crank pulley first and let it go past the rear of the pulley. Then put the belt on the compressor. Adjust the tensioner pulley and pull the belt back onto the crank pulley. Reassemble and it is done.

As a footnote many times that the belt will be missing or found to be burnt on half, the compressor is locking up and will have to be replaced. That is a whole different story though.

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    1. Can you tell me the operating pressures, ambient temperature and humidity? If not feel the two pipes at the firewall and see if they are the same temperature after the system has been operating for a few minutes. They should both be cold. If not I would assume the refrigerant charge is incorrect or there may be a problem with the orifice tube.

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