2000 Chevrolet Silverado, Changing The Cabin Air Filters

This 2000 Chevrolet Silverado came in with a complaint that there was not much air coming through the vents. The customer said he thought the blower motor might be worn out. A quick look under the dash and I saw that this truck has a cabin air filter. I removed the single screw at the rear of the filter cover.

Lowered the rear edge and swung it down to release the hinge point (hook).

I started pulling the filter out and this is what I found. After sliding the first filter out, I had to pull the second filter towards me first and then pull it down.

I cleaned all of the loose debris from the hole and started putting the new filters in. First I slid it straight up and then pushed it towards the front of the truck. Installed the second filter and this one was done.

These are the old filters after I had knocked the heavy debris off.

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  1. thank you for advice on a plugged ac drain tube. It was full of mud, drained about a quart of stinky water after I stuck a pin into the tube and unclogged it. Thanks for the help man, you rock

  2. They should not be wet. If they are very dirty they might stay slightly damp but not wet. I would strongly recommend checking the a/c drain tube for a restriction. The drain tube should be located below the accumulator tank, under the passenger side of the hood.

  3. Sorry to ask here, but could not find answer in other posts and I got short on time looking…
    Hello and thank you for these posts! I have pulled my filters and have a question. The old filters are extremely wet. Is this normal? I did drive it quite a bit yesterday using the heat (with hardly any air flow thru vents) Did this cause the condensation build up or do I have a leak and another problem somewhere?

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