1998 Chevrolet Lumina, Battery Goes Dead Again

This 1998 Chevrolet Lumina had been in a few weeks back for a complaint of the battery going dead. I had located and replaced a faulty driver’s side power door lock switch. The customer called and stated that the battery had gone dead again and wanted to know if I would look at it. I asked if the door lock still worked and she said no. When the car arrived the first thing I looked at was the driver’s power door lock switch to see if it was okay. It felt okay but the door locks did not work, so I checked the passenger side switch. We got a problem!

The switch would not move. I removed the retaining screw from the trim plate and pulled the trim plate off of the door. The front edge is held in place by a spring clip.

I unplugged the switch and waited about five minutes for the power door lock circuit breaker to cool down. I checked the driver’s side switch and the system was back to working.

I informed the customer that the passenger side switch had failed and asked if she would like to replace it or leave it unplugged. She said replace it so I did.

You can see the position of the old switch is not centered. It was stuck in that position.

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