1992 Toyota Tercel, A/C Inop

This 1992 Toyota Tercel came in with the complaint that the a/c compressor would not engage. The customer stated that he had just replaced the compressor (used) and the system was gassed up. I noticed that the indicator light would also no come on when the a/c button was pushed. I looked at the wiring diagram and decided to start with the basics and check the fuse. The fuse for the a/c clutch is not in the main fuse boxes. Instead it is in a small fuse relay box behind the right side of the glove box. To remove the glove box I had to remove one phillips headed screw at the top center of the glove box trim area.

I next had to remove the four 10 mm headed bolts at the four corners of the assembly.

With the glove box out of the way the fuses were easy to see. The top pink PAL fuse is for the blower motor and the red 10 amp fuse is for the a/c clutch.

I thought I would take another picture of some a/c stuff behind the glove box. The harness connector at slightly left of center is the blower resistor. The connector near the bottom and slightly right is the a/c amplifier module.

The system actually went to work with no problem. I checked the wiring at the compressor and informed the customer that the fuse may have blown due to the original compressor locking up or it may be due to wiring. He said he wanted to run it to see how long it would last. Okay!!!

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