Changing The Headlight Bulbs On A 1999 Pontiac Sunfire.

This is a simple straight forward job but a lot of people are asking for this type of information so here goes. To change the headlight bulbs on a 1999 Pontiac Sunfire. First remove the cover by pulling the center push pins up in order to release the retaining pins.

After the cover is out of the way. Remove the two bolts that hold the headlight assembly in place.

Pull the assembly from the car.

Flip the assembly over to gain access to the wiring.

Lift the locking tabs and pull the connector from the bulb. I don’t have there hands so I did not get a picture of lifting the locking tabs.


Grab the bulb retainer and twist counter clockwise to release.

Remove the retainer.

Remove the old bulb.

Install the new bulb but do not touch the glass as residue from your fingers will blow the bulb when the lights are turned on!!!

Install the retainer over the new bulb, hook up the wiring and reinstall the assembly.

Here are some important things to notice when you look under your hood on this series of vehicles or any vehicle. This customer is headed for trouble because of a leaking battery. Some times a battery will work fine electrically but needs to be replaced due to leaking acid. This is one as evidenced by the corrosion at the battery hold down bolt. Notice the bolt head just above the red cap at about one o’clock. It is the main body ground and a poor connection here will cause engine performance, abs, security system and lighting problems among others.

The corrosion on the positive cable is obvious But what is not so obvious is the multi wire harness connector that is under the battery tray that is being rotted out by battery acid. It requires replacement of two full wiring harnesses at well over a thousand dollars parts and labor or many hours cutting, extending and splicing around twenty plus wires. I usually charge about $600 to repair this harness connector. It can all be avoided by checking and changing a leaking battery. Which even with some clean up time only amounts to $150ish including the battery.

Plastic hose rotted in two from battery acid. Easy enough to fix. Cut back to good plastic and splice back together with rubber hose.

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